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We welcome you to Robert L. Stevens School, home of the Dolphins!

As a school community, we strive for excellence in all we do. We constantly refine our educational programs to better meet the individual needs and develop the special gifts of each of our members, both children and adults.  

Academically, we work together to ensure that our students excel. In Spring 2016 we were honored to learn that our school was ranked #1 in Sonoma County in the results of the state-mandated SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) test among schools with diverse student populations. At the fourth grade level, RLS scored fifth highest in the entire state among schools with diverse student populations on the SBAC and first in Northern California!

Socially, we work together to promote understanding and empathy and to prepare our children to be responsible decision-makers and respectful world citizens. We were honored to be named a 2016 Kindness Certified School by Kids for Peace. We emphasize personal well-being, physical fitness, and healthy living. We take great pride in maintaining our clean, comfortable facilities and our safe and beautiful campus.

Like our mascot, the dolphin, we are talented, cooperative, and fun-loving. We stress the positive and celebrate accomplishments because we believe success leads to more of the same. We invite you to visit our “pod” and share the spirit of R.L. Stevens – a unique place to learn.